Sara Sjöbäck is a Swedish installation artist educated at the Royal College of Art in London (MFA), Beckmans Designhögskola (BA), and Konstfack. Her narrative begins with an emotional and personal process as an exploration of her background. She searches and reflects on her surroundings and movement in the public sphere. The objects take form in a variety of materials with an attraction to the heavy industry. Sara sculpts materials into objects that often form larger spatial installations.

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Represented by Coulisse Gallery, Stockholm

2024, Coulisse Gallery Stockholm
2024, Sjöbo konsthall
2023, Swedish embassy, Copenhagen
2021, Macken, Malmö

2023 HW, Nordiska Galleriet, Malmö
2022 ‘I would have been easy to love’, Coulisse Gallery
2022 ‘Lights Out’, Liljevalchs Vårsalongen
2022 ‘Sluren’ Coulisse Gallery
2022 ‘Du fucking tænder mig’, SSDD
2021 ‘Du fucking tænder mig’, Swedish embassy Copenhagen  
2021 ‘V70’, PLX, Tjärö
2021 ‘Lights Out’, Stockholm Auction House, Interior Cluster Sweden,
2021 X, Queer club, Interior installations
2019 ‘Sluren’, Institute Suedoise Paris,
2018 ‘Bowl’, Riche x Cray Collective, Lilla baren,
2018 ‘Sluren’, Institute Suedois Paris
2018 ‘Made in perfect’, Konsthall Marieholm
2018 Sluren Stockholms auktionsverk
2017 Stay, Mercedes Benz showroom, Stockholm
2017 Stainless, Milan Design week 5 vie district
2017 Stainless, These Affairs, gallery, Stockholm

2024 Sjöbo kommun
2023 Collab Förstberg/Ling PLX, Tjärö
2023 You are the reason I saw the light II' Brogata Stockholm
2022 You are the reason I saw the light I' Malmö stad
2022 Grethe Intr.pblc Gallery, Copenhagen
2022 Autotrance PLX, Malmö
2022 Can't sleep' Duxiana hotell, Malmö
2022 I want you, Inkonst, Malmö
2022 Father I, PLX Lucky people
2021 Alla bara dör, (public inst), Malmö
2020 Inside Swedish design', ICS, Stockholm Auktionsverk
2020 The world is on fire', Copenhagen Fashion Week
2020 X, Club X, Malmö
2019 Metro, Malmö

2023 Project scholarship, Region Skåne
2022 1 year artis support, Swedish Arts Grant Commitee
2021 Future Artist support, City of Malmö
2020 Malmö City Arts Grant,
2018 Project scholarship, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Royal College of Art (MFA) Contemporary Art -Public Sphere, 2018 -
Stockholm University (15hp) Documentary Film and Media, 2019-20 
Konstfack (30hp) Sites & Situations –  socially engaged platforms, 2017-18.
Beckmans College of Design (BFA) Form/Design, 2013-16