Konsthall Marieholm/Art center Marieholm,


The Art center Marieholm is placed in the middle of Skåne, in the small town of Marieholm. The old bank house in the small rural town has the summer of 2018 been repurposed by designers Kristina Schultz and Johan Lindberg. Together we created the first exhibition of objects in art design that has challenged the design business, have been or are contemporary importants for the diversity of the industry. In the exhibition ‘Stories’ all object have in common that they in some way have a different meaning than the first glance. They challenge sexuality, materiality, sustainability, norms and form. Konsthall Marieholm makes art and design accesible in this rural area and rebellious in placing the institution outside of the big cities.

Great thanks to all contributors: Akay & Olabo, Åsa Jungnelius, Katja Pettersson, Kakan Hermansson, Jenny Nordberg, Fredrik Paulsen, Andreas Nobel, Siri Carlén, Maja Svensdotter, Andreas Frienholt, Hanna Kisch, Tobias Alm, Marta Brauer, Kristin Larsson, Petra Lilja, Sanna Lindholm, Elin Wollin, Olof Marsja, Alejandro Montero Bravo , Petter Rhodiner, Ella Westlund, Erik Öberg, Salad Hilowle, Jakob Hultin Rosenberg & Josefin Sjöström.